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Over the years, Binh Duong province has formed and developed a large industrial area and attracted more than 4,000 FDI enterprises and more than 44,000 domestic investment enterprises. Over the past years, Binh Duong has taken advantage of its geographical location, invested in building synchronous and increasingly perfect transportation infrastructure, combined with the rapid development of industry and commerce – The service has been creating a strong driving force to push Binh Duong to become one of the leading localities in the country in logistics service development. Up to now, the system of logistics centers and transportation vehicles of Binh Duong province has continuously been upgraded, expanded and invested in in terms of scale and service quality; meeting the needs of storage and transshipment to serve domestic trade and export of goods of businesses in the province and region.

Binh Duong Provincial Logistics Association was established on October 5, 2018 according to Decision No. 2603/QD – UBND dated September 20, 2018 of Binh Duong Provincial People’s Committee. Over the period of operation, up to now the Association has 23 official members representing businesses related to the field of Logistics in Binh Duong province. To operate effectively the Logistics Association in the coming time. On April 19, 2024, the Logistics Association held its 2nd Congress, term 2024 – 2029, with 23 members of the association convened and at the congress there was the attendance of Mr. Nguyen Thanh Toan – Director of the Department of Logistics. Department of Industry and Trade, Ms. Nguyen Thanh Ha – Deputy Director of the Department is the delegate to direct the congress.

At the Congress, a report was made on the performance of the 2018-2021 term. After 6 years of operation, the Association has demonstrated its role as a bridge between businesses and the state to promptly reflect problems and difficulties. of businesses to government levels. However, in the past term, the association’s activities were still limited and the role of the Executive Committee in orienting and consolidating the organization’s organization was not promoted; Membership development work is still limited and the congress is nearly 3 years late. During the congress term 2024 – 2029, the congress elected 8 members to the Executive Committee, Ms. Huynh Dinh Thai Linh – Director of World Trade Center Binh Duong (WTC Binh Duong) was elected president of the association and During this term, new members were developed.

Speech of Ms. Nguyen Thanh Ha – Deputy Director of the Department directed the Association’s activities in the coming time to comply with the Association’s principles and goals with the following tasks: consolidating the organizational structure, improving quality of operations, member review and support, enhancing cohesion of members in the Association; Acting as a bridge between businesses and the government to promptly reflect problems and difficulties as well as contribute comments on draft laws, legal documents, and policies of the Party and State. related to the field of activity. Besides, well implement the mission direction and Congress Resolution that the Binh Duong Provincial Logistics Association Congress term II (2024-2029) passed and the province will always support and orient the industry’s development. The province’s logistics services are increasingly developing, meeting the needs of the province’s industrial and urban development, supporting the import and export of goods; creating a foundation for developing a global supply chain.

In the new term, the Association continues to promote its role in accompanying members in connecting trade and improving work quality and efficiency. In addition, the Association strives to establish Party groups and Party cells, fostering the spirit of patriotism and national self-respect in the business community, businesses and members.

Image. Mr. Nguyen Thanh Toan presented souvenirs to the Executive Committee of the Logistics Association, term II.

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